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My tech working requirements (Abducted by technology pt. I)

Overloaded by technology, rants about implications of living in the digital era, for me. Part I.

I have become aware that all this technology around is beginning to feel too much like overloading us people… at least me.

What I mean is: I don’t feel good if I am not working at a decent (at least decent as in my book) PC. I need a super computer in order to feel comfortable while working and doing my stuff in a computer. Well, I don’t think I’m that asking too much, all I want out of a PC is:

Stuff like DVD burner (and I’m already thinking in blu ray burners), IEEE 1394 (FireWire) and lots of USB (among others) are obviously required. About the x64/x86, I would rather go for x64 (64 bits) but I don’t have too much of an opinion concerning this.

I don’t really need all this, yet there’s something inside that doesn’t feel right if I work with a slower PC, and I usually like to have at least 2 of them, a desktop and sometimes a lap while working (both at the same time).

If you have read all along until here and do not understand what I’m saying, or (one): you don’t understand English, or (two, most probably): you know little about PC and hardware tech stuff. I was complaining about me with an obsession with latest gadgets and powerful machines for feeling good while working.

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