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Bicycles, bicycles…

Crazy bike deal…

I already have two nice bikes, if by nice you understand cheap, damaged, almost useless bikes. Well I paid only 15 Euros for both of them, so I kinda expected it. But not on the first day: one, after some riding around, the chain broke down. It was broken! Not just out of it’s place, but broken. The other one: the tire is flat, despite the seller telling me it was fine.

Sam: you should have told me, I already knew it was in a bad state, but come on!

Anyway, this coming Monday there’s going to be some bicycle sale going on, it seems like (or at least this I understood) a lot of people, in the eve of the coming spring time (hence better weather), go out and buy new bikes, and leave the old ones there in exchange (and of course they pay the difference). So there are a lot of second hand, used bikes for good prices, or so I’ve been told. So I’m hoping to get a much better (but more expensive) ride next week.

It is a small town Offenburg, and it’s not really worth going around in public transport, since it’s so small, you can walk down pretty much anywhere you want. But then again, living here and walking down everywhere is just not fun, and in all in all, it will end up taking too much time anyway, so a bike becomes a little bit as an essential transport. If someone comes, I can lend up to 2 bikes for your pedaling pleasure!

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