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My first snow

About my first snow in Germany. Actually: second, if you count the water-snow.

Well, it wasn’t actually my first, if you count that one time that it snowed a little bit in Guadalajara, and that other time that there was some snow-water (or something like that) but not really snow. Then it was raining and among the rain, there were some bits of snow.

Overall: unexpected (it was a really sunny day, nobody had brought their umbrellas with them, including me, and all of a sudden, it started!), nice (I’ve never seen real snow, but it was not too much anyway) and cold (the snow was actually fine, but there was some strong chilling wind going on that made me regret leaving my globes and scarf at home).

Did not bring my camera. I’m waiting to finish doing all my stuff and paper work (which is actually finished, except for some things with my passport) so that I can take a break and an easy going walk downtown, to get some nice pics. Also it has been very clouded and rainy so maybe when the weather is better the photos would be nicer.

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