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Absinthe Spoon!

Absinthe spoon as a gift for putting some ad in my blog.

My spoon has arrived! You see the big crazy Absinthe ad on the top right? It’s for getting some free stuff. And it was for real! I thought they lied, but it’s here! I remember what I wrote to them in the beginning, when I had to put the ad and send them an email, this is what I told them:

I have an ad on my site and plan to leave it there for the next six months! This is my site:

blog.lozbo.org (Update 2020-04-27: that domain is long gone!)

And my shipping address:

(not shown 😉

Release the faery!

If you left the ad for 6 months, supposedly they will also send in a bottle and I don’t remember if something else. So if the spoon has arrived, then the bottle should come next!

Update 2020-04-27

This entry referred to a different site design I used when I first published it. I had to add some stuff (ads) to it in the top right corner so I could enter an Absinthe promo. I don’t remember if I ever got a bottle though.

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