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Flimmernacht: day 1, the concept

Day one of the 5 days that the whole “production” took place. If I may call “that” a production 😉

This is the second part of the Flimmernacht post series.

To set the reader into context, before this day, I had the idea of making a film for the contest, just to have some fun, and to learn technical details of a production, because, after all, it was going to be my first complete production.

I already had talked to a lot of MI (Media and Information Career) people and asked if they were interested in helping out, I could also help out with their own projects if they had any, but I was very disappointed to find out that I hadn’t got any positive responses.

I was beginning to fear that I wouldn’t be able to put a film into the contest. Actually, only because the deadline was changed one or two times I was able to do so.

Asking around, someone told me that was interested in helping out, so we set a date for a meeting to talk about the project. There was a school trip to Strasbourg, France, where my friend lives. We were going to visit the parliament house and learn some things about politics in European Union. Very cool trip by the way, I should blog about it later. Then we had the afternoon free for us.

It was just perfect; I could go to the school trip and then meet with my friend.

It was a Thursday, a German holiday not celebrated in France, which is why I didn’t have my usual Audio Video Studio lecture in the University. Everything went well with the excursion, except that it was getting already too late for me to arrive at the meeting point with my friend, and I had no credit on my mobile phone to make a call.

I arrived half an hour late, maybe this is why my friend got mad at me and quit without letting me know.

But back then we discussed the idea. Actually, the only thing I had to discuss was the fact that I wanted to take part on the contest, but it was Thursday and the deadline was next Monday, so we practically had no time to work on it.

My friend never looked really interested, though kept saying otherwise, whenever I asked.

“Are you really interested? I don’t think you are as excited about this as I am, if you just don’t feel like it, just tell me and there’s no problem! I will look for someone else”

I said. But the answer was positive, my friend was really interested and would help.

But as I continued to ask for her opinion, or for what she could do for the project, she was just like almost ignoring me, so I need to ask in very specific detail what would she be interested on doing, the script, the camera, acting, etc. To keep this short: she was only interested on the camera handling, so that was very good with me, because I also like acting, and then I can get to do everything else also.

So I was just throwing ideas in the air, crazy stories that would come to my mind in that moment. I had no problem with creativity and making a story out of nowhere, but I obviously had troubles with budget, for example: where would I get a spaceship?

I don’t remember very well what were the other ideas, but I remember I needed them to be short, and to be budget-less friendly, and to take into account the technical limitations and the rules of the contest. One of the most important things to think of was that I had no cast but me, so I could only use myself for it.

Then, one of the preliminary ideas that came to my mind, before developing the story to what it is now, was that of [edited, cut, censored! I don’t want to spoil the fun, so I will cut out all mentions to the specific story, because I hate being told a story before I read/listen/see it. I will upload it as soon as I have it!].

Well that was simple, I only needed one person.  But the location… I was thinking of an old abandoned building, where would I get one? Even more: where would I get the gun and costume?

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