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Flimmernacht: day 2, developing the story

Day two, of my short film for the crazy contest.

Continuing with the story about the flimmernacht contest…

So that was it, that Thursday evening I returned home, happy to have found at least someone who would help me out in my project.

I had the idea of working until I had developed a script and a more precise story, once I had picked one story out of the brainstorming session I had with my friend. Well I can safely say that it was more a brainstorming session with myself, because she didn’t really help.

Then I called a friend, Marco, who told me he could lend me the camera, and some other things I might need. Well, in the end, he and Joachim actually borrowed almost everything I used for the film.
Anyway, I did not work anymore on the script and the story that Thursday, I was very tired.

Then next day, I knew I had a lot of work, because deadline was on Monday, I had only the weekend to work. So I started working, thinking, writing… until I had something that looks a lot to the latest version of the script. I think I didn’t make any changes to it after that time, maybe some small corrections here and there, but that was it.

I remember I haven’t had picked up yet any story of the several ideas that had been in the air, so I just took the policeman story without thinking it, because I had no time and because it was actually the one that was of most interest to me.

So I worked until 4:00 am in the morning. But I was happy. I had had the idea of having two different characters, played both by me, and, as I found out, my friend Marco had guns to borrow, and a military hat, and a long coat, and some gloves and I don’t really remember what else. He had a lot of things that was happy to give me. And Joachim. Even lightning, and tripod, and extension cords. So I went to Marco’s house and got all those things. Everything was ready, I would start shooting next day.

Earlier, I had sent an email to my friend asking her to meet me in the morning at Offenburg Train station to begin the shooting. I had no intention on carrying guns into another country, and all the equipment, just by myself. But I had no answer.

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