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Flimmernacht: day 4, shooting

Flimmernacht series: day four, almost there but not yet!

Fourth part of the Flimmernacht post series.

What happened before? I began shooting without my original camera girl, I really wanted to take part on a that crazy contest, and I wasn’t going to be turned down that easily. Enam promised to help out…

When time came, Enam didn’t arrive at the said hour. I was beginning to worry, it was my last chance. I called Marco and told him, and he told me he could help me out, but he rather not because he was the in the organization of the contest, so people could say things like “hey, that guy got help from within the contest organization staff, that is not fair”, which is obviously true, but anyway he told me that if my friend didn’t come, he could help me.

In the end, Enam did arrive, a little bit late but he was there. So we started to get everything ready. By that time I had realized I lacked a mirror, needed for one of the final scenes, and some other stuff, I don’t remember what else. So I called Marco (again) and asked him to lend me more things. He was happy to, he even drove home to my place with the things. He was so kind to me.

The other day, don’t remember when, they (Marco and Joachim) even sold me the cartridge, which I didn’t really know where to buy it or what kind of cartridge to buy, and they also gave a few tips.

Then we were all set, I made a toast for the beginning of my first film, and we started filming, with a fade-in of the credits of the movie.

Then, we got to the next phase, the outside. Everything was kind of going well, really, the only problem is that it took so much longer than I thought. Between getting enough lights for the shots, me changing clothes (and character), rehearsing for the shots, finding the best camera position, etc, it took us all day long. Enam stayed that day until 22:00 or 23:00 I think.

We only took a break to have breakfast at around 18:00 or 19:00. It was Sunday, and I had to finish before next day.

I began fearing that I wouldn’t be able to finish. I was thinking if I could finish it on the same Monday and deliver it. I called Marco, he said yes, but advised me to finish it before if I could.

So I asked Enam if he could join me next day to finish, because it certainly look like we were not going to finish that day. He told me he didn’t know, probably he would not be available.

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