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Maldita Vecindad

About me listening to an old Mexican rock band, and the cool feeling of abstract emotions briefly and randomly flooding my senses with memories of ethereal consistency.

Yesterday I was listening to Maldita Vecindad, a Mexican alternative rock band, which dates back to 1985 (actually, in that Wikipedia article they tag Maldita as ska, though I kind of disagree, are they ska? Maybe a bit but I would rather label them as alternative, although I don’t know that much about music). Their last record seems to have been published on 1998 though. I am not really fan of this kind of music, but I used to listen to it when I was a child.

En realidad yo sólo escuchaba lo que mi carnal ponía en su radiograbadora, no tenía consciencia musical. Ahora lo que más escucho es heavy metal, un poco de jazz y música clásica (académica, según un profesor de música que tuve), y muy de vez en cuando un poco de electrónica y otras cosas, soundtracks de películas, rock pop, o incluso viejo pop.

Aber ich fühlte wieder die Gefühle und Emotionen, es ist so seltsam, ich genoss hören Maldita wieder.

Update 2020-04-25

I’m currently updating LozBlog, been doing it for a couple of weeks, and reviewing each and every entry. Last night (all night) I left Maldita’s album playing: El Circo, which I hand’t listened in a looong time. Maybe since this entry’s original publish date (2008)?

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