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Writing: a cool hobby

Nonsense about me, thinking I am good at writing (and blogging).

I have come to realize that I am good at writing.

Yes, that is not so modest but I think I am, at least a bit, mind you.

And it is not only my own assumption, I’ve been told that, since my early primary school days (I won a few reading and declamation contests) to my secondary and high school projects. I remember teachers telling me stuff like:

If you continue to produce assignments like this, I can help you skip the final test

Or stuff like that. I remember I even entered a story contest or two, didn’t won anything though, but the more that time went by, I found less and less time to put into it. I also used to write a lot of poetry, mostly in English but also in Spanish, and even a couple of what I called “songs”.

But I’m sick of all that, not making time for it. I want to keep up with this hobby and maybe even try to make a little profit out of it, if possible, for all the time I will be dedicating to it. I have a couple of blogs already published which aim at making profit, one being LozBlogger and other my Academic project (Update 2020-04-24: offline now). In the first one I post only Google related stuff or news, and in the later, I post all kinds of Multimedia development – related content (articles, tutorials and freebies). I also have other projects in mind which I plan to develop, but are not ready yet.

I plan to get some revenue out of Google adSense, which is already running in the afore mentioned sites.

But this is not about making money as my first goal. My first goal is to have fun, to be happy. My hobbies make me happy. Writing is a hobby of mine. As Yoda would say:

Creative thinking leads to writing, writing leads to hobbies, hobbies lead to happiness, happiness leads to suffering…

A path to the dark side, writing is.

Anyway, I was saying: writing not only blogs, but poetry and stories or tales, and screenplays and markup (XHTML and CSS). It is all fun for me, and I enjoy it very much, so if I can make a living out of that, I will be really happy.

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