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Bye bye, St. Martin

Bidding farewell “home”.

St. Martin is the name of the street where the student’s residence is located.

I feel strange, very strange. Not only because of the fact that I had to leave all of a sudden, as I expected to have 3 more days, pack my garbage and clean the mess and kick out, but because a lot of different feelings.

I feel like it’s been a life time I spent there. Yet it happened so fast. I feel so nostalgic and melancholic, like depressed, and it’s only been some hours since I left.

And now I’m homeless.

I grew so much there, I learned so many things, I became a better, and more independent person. I had to find my way alone through a lot of situations, some maybe too simple, but that I’ve never experienced before. It’s so strange… how can so much time go by so fast, in just six months? How can I be attached to such a small appartment and such a tiny room, in such an “insecure” neighborhood? How can I already miss this much, that little thing, that I used to call home?

I didn’t have “all” kinds of experiences there, but quite a different few I may say. It was a little bunker (with wired Internet access) where I found shelter.

But it was mine… my own:

My Precioussssssss…

I can’t describe how strange is this feeling. I can’t understand it. Maybe it also has to do with that little room as a piece of … Germany. Only half a god damn year!

It is precious to me, so I leave it with a great pain.

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