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Tomorrow: un cuarto

Thoughts on aging.

La mitad de un siglo, partida por la mitad.

The world ever twisting, and a new age dawns for me. Rediscover myself, I must.

I thought I had sorted it out, but in Ireland, my thoughts shake again. Loneliness and solitude: my loyal companions. Fear and doubt, my best friends. Guinness, in its birthdplace, the original brewing building: a fuel that holds engines together.

A dark beer in a dark age. What kind of importance can a small pawn bear in a huge, vast world like this? So much to do, and to see, it is overwhelming. I can not begin to understand nor believe it.

Y así, la víspera de un Octubre 13, en un inusualmente cálido Otoño Dublinés, I despair and ask questions of future and past, immortality and oblivion…

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