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Creative strike

Creative strike, patience…

Beloved fans:

Lack of posting in my journal is due to a creative strike I am currently casting upon my dear self. It will come to an end as soon as I finish a dissertation I’m working on, and hopefully when I take leave from the forlorn realm of the unemployed.

…All the saints take me away…

Kind regards, and best of lucks (if such device is to exist). Your loyal composer of  wild and binary mischief:

– Lozbo

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  1. V.

    Commented on 2009-2-2 @ 08:39:05 am:

    Ya wey, echale galleta y arriba el ánimo.


  2. BeAN

    Commented on 2009-2-4 @ 23:23:36 pm:

    avispese !!


  3. shirly

    Commented on 2009-4-1 @ 19:37:32 pm:



  4. Alex

    Commented on 2009-4-30 @ 09:28:00 am:

    Que onda, un link hacia mi blog quedaría chido en Lozbo http://www.teknologeek.com, saludos al Tulio


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