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Happy away

Comparing experiences in my journeys away from home town.

Being away from the town I grew up, is very different this time than when I was in the “old world”.

It seems like ages ago, often I felt nostalgic and (actually was) very lonely in Offenburg.

There came a time when suddenly I was alright, happy and set in. But then, just as fast as the feeling came, after classes ended and I started a little trip, even when meeting cool people and couchsurfers, and beautiful places, I felt so alone, so homeless, so… purposeless.

Wandering downtown Amsterdam, drinking Guinness in Dublin, eating tapas in Barcelona… Everything big old London has to offer and the amazing cities I went through, felt strangely empty.

Here it’s different. Same culture, only a few hours from GDL. Even though the city is a bit boring, I’ve had a good time around so far. I did happen to found cool people quickly enough.

Perhaps I haven’t got the time to set myself into melancholy…

(Though I do deeply miss my people).

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