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New Home

New home at lzb.me, hopefully it stays here for good. Update: not anymore.

I’ve moved my blog to what will hopefully be it’s final home. Don’t have plans to move it again, though you never know. I haven’t actually moved it too much, not counting the WP.com approach, and the LozBlog relaunch (sending old posts to a subdomain), it will be the first time it changes domain.

Update (2013-12-05)

I moved the Blog from domain again. Don’t remember exactly when, and I don’t want to call it again “final home”, since I already lied once in there. But the change was for a good reason: the .me domain didn’t offer autorenewals, so for a period of time, on the yearly renewal day, LozBlog was going to be down until I manually renewed/paid. That drove me mad enough to dump it.

Update 2020-04-22

Moved again, to lozbo.com

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