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Save the Date

Complaining about lack of date on posts around the web.

In these last days, I have been reading a lot of tech stuff about web development. Catching up with the latest and dusting off  my skills.

All this for my first responsive attempt (which is actually a theme for this blog).

I have already put together a few mockups in photoshop. In the elegant/minimalist trend that flat design is today.

But there’s this annoying issue I’ve come across almost consistently among some of the top results in my Google searches: lack of that temporal meta data that sets a context assigning a relevance value.

The damn time!

When was this article published? Is it too old to matter? Was it posted a few minutes ago? Has it been online long enough for commentators to test its claims?

All these things matter to me. And I think they should to everybody in an environment were things change overnight.

So please, if someone’s listening to this old creep: don’t remove the date out of your articles!

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