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Recovering old posts

With all the domain moving (among other things), I lost a lot of old posts in random WP installations that no longer worked. But they’re back. Or will be. I hope.

I talked about it some time ago (almost one and a half years ago!), I recovered a lot of posts from old installations.

Recovered yes, in a crazy xml file that’s no good for anyone.

Anyone, except WordPress importer, of course.

So there they were, my old posts still sitting, waiting, for me to actually republish them around. But! I also remember that, at some point, they were not randomly lost in a quest for the perfect domain, or at least not all, but rather removed on purpose. I chose to hide them because I am not comfortable with the way I was publishing certain information online, or perhaps changed my mind of how I used to think or write back then.

Whatever it was, it was also part of the problem. It still is!

I need to figure out which posts to republish, and which to keep hidden. I think I am still not proud of a few things published those years…

But alas! I will be soon, slowly, perhaps on a post-by-post basis, reintegrating those articles from the wasted years back to their home: LozBlog.

So… understand! Don’t waste your time always searching for those wasted years!

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