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Site updates

About updates to some of my other project’s websites.

Finally: I have updated the websites of a few personal/freelance projects. I’ve been meaning to do so for who-knows-how-long.

I’m not specially proud about not using original designs on most of them. At least not yet. And on some of them, I’m even using a “coming soon” cover page. Nevertheless, information is up and as they say:

Content is King

Anyway, among the updated sites, I have uploaded what I call “Lozbo Central”, right at lozbo.com, where I explain a bit about me and link to other Lozbo projects, like Lozbo Net or LozBlog. Update 2020-04-13: yeah, about that.

Interesting that the template I’m using on Lozbo Central, fits perfectly (well, for the most part) to the information I intended to put up on that site.

Will surely comeback at some point with original redesigns on all of them. I swear on my ancestor’s black beards.

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