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New Blog Home (again)

Thoughts on moving the WP installation again, and the stuff I want to publish, if I ever commit…

I don’t even want to remember when was the last time I published here. And I don’t want to fill up my blog with “I haven’t updated my blog in a long time” rants, so I’ll just skip it.

Again, I don’t want to fill up my blog with posts about how I switched the whole WP installation from one place to the next, but hey, everytime I do it, I really hope that it’s the last, though deep inside, I fear it won’t…

Anyhow, yes, I moved from lozbo.info to lozbo.com. Why? I have too many projects and stuff going on and I want to clean up. And also pay less… (USD is currently at around 25 MXN, it used to be 20, and before 15, 10, etc. Also, domain prices have gone up, from 10 to 16 USD each). I have registered for a long time the .info, .org and .net domains for my nickname, Lozbo, and though I constantly imagine tons of stuff I want to create and publish, I haven’t really kept up. I start things and register domains and visualize crazy things, but truth is, I can only commit to a few of them, and not all. I hate to do it, but for me and the projects sake, I have to loosen the grip.

I can clearly picture myself in this comic:

So that’s the actual truth; I wanted to simplify, and let go. I haven’t fully figured it all out though, as there are still things I’d like to publish, and don’t know what the best place will be. I’ll state it here so it helps me with the brainstorm:

And of course, the main Blog, which is the longest running of these online projects, which has consequentially the longest records too. There is one section I’ve been meaning to (ha!) write about, which is a yearly round up. A memoir of relevant facts at the end of each year. Probably put it on private, if I ever finish it. Think I saw it on Matt Mullenweg’s Blog once, but can’t find it in its current state.

So once more, my beloved, ever growing, immeasurable audience:

Welcome to LozBlog.


2020-04-06: Looks like I already had published a bit about it last year and forgot. Ups! The thoughts are the same though.

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