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  • Esbirros

    Antonio Ortuño

    2021-06-24 /

    Amazon Kindle

    Inicié el año pasado, pero no terminé. Es una colección de cuentos, un tanto extraños. So far so good.

    Después de terminarlo me queda una sensación un poco de vacío. Algunas de las historias terminan de forma abrupta, como en un cliffhanger, como que no es el verdadero final y no se sabe qué va a pasar. Me han dicho que esto es normal, son estilos, diferentes formas de narrar, además es posible que haya partes que no me hayan quedado claras y por eso no comprenda, sin embargo tiendo a pensar que, como en toda cuestión artística, los gustos son subjetivos, y definitivamente no me gustan estos finales tan, a mi parecer, abiertos.

    Por otro lado, veo también narraciones de situaciones tristes de violencia que se han generalizado en México al grado de que se sientan “normales”. Mi particular punto de vista es: la realidad ya es bastante cruel, ¿para qué leerlo también en las ficciones? Mis favoritas son las historias de fantasía o ciencia ficción, y las de resolver misterios, donde mi mente divaga lejos de la realidad, porque, para realidad, basta mi ya nutrido consumo de noticias.

  • Morfología del cuento

    Vladimir Propp


    Google Play Books

    I think I started this one back in 2020, but as I’m taking down notes, I have been procrastinating over this one.

  • Restauración

    Ave Barrera


    Google Play Books

    Last year’s list. Recommended by teacher Abe. Was finding overal physical descriptions way too detailed for my taste, but I have only started it.

  • Damas Chinas

    Mario Bellatin

    2022-01-15 /

    Google Play Books

    Recommended by teacher Abe. Short read, was done in a few days. It felt strange, I don’t think I quite understood it. There seemed to be two stories: the one from the narrator (part I), and the one from the kid that the narrator met. That kid told the narrator a story, which the narrator in turn replicates (part II). I just can’t connect both of them, how are they related? What or when was the (overall) climax? Did it even have one? It felt like an empty ending, like a narration of events that had an interest of their own, but I couldn’t place it within my beloved classic structure: intro, climax, resolution. Will need a second reading, if I can put myself to it, ’cause I feel like I rather pick the next one on my list.

  • La vida de hormigas

    Maurice Maeterlinck

    2022-02-26 /

    Amazon Kindle

    I have only started it, but so far it seems like I’ve been through several introductions (sinopsis, introducción, nociones generales, and the start of what I believe is actually the first chapter “el secreto del hormiguero”). 

    I thought the book was more lightweight, as it was recommended (and gifted) by my mother, but so far I’m finding it too many scientific terms, that don’t really mean anything and probably will never remember again. 

  • Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

    Yuval Noah Harari

    2022-03-21 /

    Amazon Kindle

  • JavaScript: Novice to Ninja, 2nd Ed

    Darren Jones

    2022-07-05 /

    Google Play Books

    Bought it on humble bundle (https://www.humblebundle.com/books/front-end-web-dev-sitepoint-books), and uploaded to Google Play Books.

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