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Searching for my Next Smarpthone

I’ve had my android smartphone (an old Android, by today’s standards) for more than two years now, around two and a half.

Actually a bit less if we want to get techy (or: honor factual truth), but that’s a story for another day.

Luxury or need?

Anyway, I was thinking that my phone was too ancient and slow and needed replacement.

Perhaps “needed” is not the most accurately way of putting it (what is really a need? Food? Water?), but my lust for technology says commands: it’s time to upgrade.

And I agree.

So in my search for a worthy candidate, I came across the Xperia Z, from Sony. It has all what you would expect out of a high-end smartphone in 2013: 1.5GHZ quad core processor, 2GB RAM, 5 inch display (full HD resolution), 13MP / 1080 photo/video camera, standard sensors (accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass), Jelly Bean Android, and it’s water proof.

That water proof thing really bought me.


It really seems to be amazing, the only two things that I’m not sure of are the size (5 inches seem to be gaining popularity and demand, yet I still think it’s too big for a phone) and the lack of physical qwerty keyboard.

I know we are in a “touch” era, but for me: there’s nothing like the feedback responsiveness of pressing an old school keyboard button.

It made much more sense with my N95 (my first real smartphone), when I could type a text message with its numeric keypad without having to look at the thing.

Because I had a beer in my other hand.

And the steering wheel of the car I was driving on my knees.


In the end I think I’m going to wait. Why?

Because I purchased a Nexus 7 tablet.

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