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I don’t know how I ended up among this blogs, I don’t really understand what they are but have a look at some extracts of their posts…

(Master Yoda, having some drinks with Mace Windu and watching a football game):

“Strong running game leads to play action, play action leads to touchdown, touchdown leads to victory,” said Yoda watching the screen.

I think it’s some kind of community in which each member has adopted a character role and they just post crazy entries:

“I am ready, too,” said Yoda. “I hear that it is a very good show.”

“Master Yoda, you’re talking… backwards,” I said.

“I am, ahem,” Yoda cleared his throat and regained some composure. “Drunk I am.”

But these folks really get inside their characters, and they are extremely fun to me, hope you enjoy them also!

Jar Jar, narrator:

“(…) Jam Jar! You have to get with the spirit of the season! (…)”

“Issen Jar Jar, Mister Chancellor.”

“Yes, yes, what was I thinking? Jar Jar. Mind if I call you Marmalade for short?”

Links to some of these blogs (more on each blog’s sidebar):

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