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Haggard is my favorite band. I’m actually a bit dissappointed that there are no other bands like Haggard. Sure, we have Therion, Epica, Aesma Daeva, etc etc. But they’re not really so alike, Haggard and these others, I don’t know why there are no other bands playing this exact kind of music if such metal sub-genre is so beautiful.

I don’t mean for a band to copy another band, but I’ll take an example: Children of Bodom, and Norther, they play both black melodic, and if you’re not really into them, you could even mistake one for the other, they play so alike. They’re both from Finland, and they both have a Final Countdown cover. I like both bands, I don’t mind they sound very similar, they both have original tunes and it’s fine with me.

There are also a lot of other bands who are clones of another, they bring nothing new (according to some) or whatever, but truth is I don’t mind about that either. It’s everybody’s choice to like or dislike (whatever, not just music artists), I wouldn’t discredit them just because of sayings, I would give it a try and find of for myself.

Anyway, Haggard’s last album, Tales of Ithiria, is finally out, and I’ll try to buy it somewhere around here. In the mean time I went to last fm and listened to one of their new album songs, a cover, Hijo de la Luna. It’s true what they say in the aforelinked page comments, being Haggard, we expected something a bit heavier, but it’s a good song nonetheless. I hope I can listen to them live next week, in Karlsruhe.

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