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Leisure, art and distance

The attack of the drafts folder! I had this draft saved since mmh, I don’t know when, I don’t have a relative date on it anymore, but probably more than a year ago! I know because I mention my desire to study music, and I did so during last year!

Anyway, here it goes:

Do I need to be away from home to get inspired?

Certainly not, yet the fact is that being afar helps. I used to write poetry, short tales and other stuff, seems like ages ago. As time goes by and I start getting busier with job projects, I use the spare time for other kind of leisure activities. Which is not wrong but I want to re-drive my brains to the mystical realm I used to go so often…

I remember that sometimes, while I was on a trip, I would just sit and start writing. Poetry mostly.  I think… most of my poems, I wrote during these periods of time… yet on recent travels I have not felt that kind of vibe.

There are other factors I’m sure, let me think about them. (I may write a follow up).

Some kind of mental tranquility is also needed, which I lacked in recent times. I need to relax a bit more. Not that I’m the stressed off kind of guy but still, get more peace.

I want to pick up music and my guitar again. I never really picked it up. You do need to have some talent, yet I don’t care if I don’t, I want to overcome my lack of musical ear.

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