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My top 5 Movies


May be spoilers of some movies ahead.

Fave Flick

The other day somebody asked me about my favorite movie. It would definitely be a hard choice, but still, it got me thinking and decided to at least, make a top 5.

I must state that I don’t consider myself knowledgeable above the average cinephile, I still haven’t seen lots of classics, and even keep missing today’s both blockbusters and not-so-hollywood flicks.

Yet, even when that above is true (that I am ignorant), I want to document what I would consider the best 5 movies I have watched. Perhaps it would be wiser to be more accurate: the 5 movies that I like the most, so far (it’s different, “the best” vs “what I like the most”, you know?).

Top 5

As you know and as stated before, it’s not an easy task, and it may change in the future. But today, the list would probably be:

  • The Dark Knight (A.K.A. Batman 2, Christopher Nolan’s)
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Matrix Reloaded (A.K.A. Matrix 2)
  • Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (A.K.A. LOTR 2)
  • Toy Story 3

Most likely: in no particular order, but who knows?

I could elaborate on why I made each of these choices, but this post would be longer than intended.

Note on the most classic

Star Wars films, at the height of its tradition and in the eve of the 7th installment (The Force Awakens), may deserve a special mention, but I am not sure about which of them specifically. I don’t think I could slip any of them individually in this list. Perhaps, if I really had to pick one, I may choose Episode 2 and 3 (and then again, I’m cheating, ’cause I’m picking two).

But, as I just said: not any of them individually. But if I could make a large movie out of the 6 episodes, it may be at the top of the list: number one.

Why yes, I find the whole story very, very fascinating. I find the motifs behind character’s drive very believable (and I’m talking about politics, don’t get me started on Jedis and their magic).

For example: the evil emperor (Darth Sidious) wanted political power and control, just like people in real life. And, as a showcase of contrast from another movie, what did Sauron “the deceiver” wanted (or Morgoth, for that matter)? To rule Middle Earth? By killing everybody? And after that, rule on the orcs, who already serve him? Sum the whole world in darkness, so no one can see anything? What kind of motivation is that?

But that’s a story for another post.

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