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Double dream

Three months ago I wrote these notes for a “double dream” I had back then (2016-05-10). Thing is that even with the notes, I don’t recall anything about the dreams, which normally doesn’t happen. I mean that, when I write notes down, and I read them not too long after, I remember the dream. When I don’t write ’em, it’s forgotten very easily.

Probably I need to review them often so I relate the notes to the dream, and not just leave them be, waiting for the day of unfolding/posting. Anyway, here they go…

First dream

A great flood, everybody on the church hiding. Me and a girlfriend on a chopper. Note: I suppose that by chopper, I meant “helicopter” and not “motorcycle”, I don’t think it would make sense riding a bike on a flood.

It also said:

Leaving one for family

So I imagine that we managed to escape on one of them choppers, but were also thoughtful of our loved ones and left them one. Besides, what would be the point to ride on different aircrafts if we’re just two? Though I don’t really recall if we were just two.

The second one

A crazy land like Alice in wonderland, a bonfire and a group of people on it.

Then I have this on spanish:

Una maqueta en el suelo que refleja lo que haces, tipo voodoo.

Truth is: no me acuerdo en absoluto de qué se trataba.

But at least, I must say that usually I find dreams interesting and inspiring for the short stories I write.

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