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2022-04-12, Tuesday

I’ve been trying to keep up with fitness activities (actually, just a daily walk) since past January; I’m documenting it here, along with the music and/or podcasts I listen while “working out”.

I’m expecting tomorrow the arrival of my watch-band smart gadget, which comes with a ton of features to monitor health and fitness stuff, hopefully I will once and for all I’ll embrace a healthier lifestyle.


  1. Accept – Head over hills
  2. Stratovarius – Hunting high and low
  3. Rammstein – Stirb nicht vor mir
  4. Rammstein – Mein hertz brent
  5. Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark
  6. Metallica – For whom the bell tolls
  7. Slayer – South of heaven
  8. Theatre of Tragedy – And when he falleth

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—Sally Jupiter