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2022-04-21, Thursday

Skipped a few days of posting, but I did mostly walked current goal (8k steps and/or 40 min. of walk&jog). Actually, I skipped two days of walking (18 and 16 of April. 19 I did just walk, but didn’t listen to any music, ’cause I joined a friend, we’re trying to do it tuesdays and thursdays).

Today I walked more than usual, 48 minutes (including walking to and from the park). Just from this walk, I achieved 5.8k steps, thus adding up to the other 2k+ I did on normal day. I know I still have way to go but hey, I’m getting there.

Tunes (“Ascent nominee” list):

  1. The Disturbed – Meaning of life
  2. Nigthwish – Dead to the world
  3. Metallica – Sad but true
  4. Metallica – Ride the lightning
  5. Megadeth – Crush ’em
  6. Dreamquest – Lost horizon
  7. Abba – Super trouper
  8. Mago de Oz – El paseo de los tristes
  9. In Flames – Moonshield
  10. Alice Cooper – Schools out

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