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Two Acquisitions pt. I

Spider 1

That is correct, I now possess a couple of interesting stuff I’d like to share with the world; here’s about number one. A few days ago, what I believe to be a wolf spider was spotted out by a friend at job. He was digging his trash and stuff out of some cable boxes, when he suddenly shouted: “Hey! Look at the size of that spider!” or something like that, and we came there to see.

A pretty big spider, and I thought “Let’s not kill it, let’s grab it” but the only thing I found to keep it inside was a cd tower… sorry to keep you like that lad! But I have learnt a lot of spiders since then! Well not really, just what I found in those Wikipedia articles…

Spider 2

Spider 3

I am not sure if it is a wolf spider, but if it is, although it is supposed not to be aggressive, it’s indeed poisonous! Nothing to worry about though, the venom they have could not kill a human, yet the bite can be a little bit painful, compared to a wasp sting. One remarkable characteristic of the spider wolf is that they do not build webs as other spiders, but they hunt on their prays as a wolf (hence the name, though not so accurate)…

Spider 4

Don’t worry! I’ll let you out as soon as I get a better place for you to live in!

Spider 5

Spider 6

And by the way, reading about spiders I came across a lot of interest stuff, and I found what it seems to be the biggest spider on the world: the Goliath “Bird Eater” Tarantula. Yes, Bird Eater! It’s not a regular meal on this tarantula’s diet, but that says a lot about a spider… But! Then I found two more contenders for the “World’s Biggest Tarantula” title, they are the Pinkfoot Goliath Tarantula and the “Chicken Eating Spider“! Yes! Chicken! Can you picture that?

“It is called the Chicken Eating spider because eye witnesses claim to have seen it dragging chickens into its burrow on the edge of jungle clearings.”

Update 2020-04-30

I did find a fishbowl to put it in, I bought it the same day. I tried to take good care of it, but nonetheless it didn’t last that much, as far as I can remember.

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