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Sky diving

I think a lot people would disagree, but I did find it very cool those weird things you see from above (in a plane that is, because there’s certainly other ways of getting high).

I don’t know where I was, obviously closer to Atlanta but couldn’t tell an exact place; the airplane in which we got from Guadalajara to Atlanta didn’t have those nice touchscreens found in the other plane, from Atlanta to Munich: in front of each passenger, with movies, music, tv and GPS info. It even displayed the speed of the plane (we got above 1000 kph!), the outside temperature (sometimes -60° C!) and the time left to arrive.

Anyway, what I saw there was some beautiful crazy little lakes, seemed to me artificial, with lots of houses in the surroundings, like “beach houses” or something. I remembered the “Thousand Islands“, in Canada, near Montreal and Toronto.

I don’t have pics, as my camera was in the heavy luggage and didn’t bring it with me upstairs. I was thinking in bringing it but rather got my laptop, as I didn’t want it to get damaged or something, as you know how nice are those guys while handling the baggage in the airport.

And then there was this special Disney like moment when we emerged triumphant from the clouds and projected a very well defined shadow of the plane on the nearby wall of clouds. It was really like taken out of a movie.

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