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Absinthe Spoon!

My spoon has arrived! You see the big crazy Absinthe ad on the top right? It’s for getting some free stuff. And it was for real! I thought they lied, but it’s here! I remember what I wrote to them in the beginning, when I had to put the ad and send them an email, this is what I told them:

I have an ad on my site and plan to leave it there for the next six months! This is my site:

blog.lozbo.org (Update 2020-04-27: that domain is long gone!)

And my shipping address:

(not shown 😉

Release the faery!

If you left the ad for 6 months, supposedly they will also send in a bottle and I don’t remember if something else. So if the spoon has arrived, then the bottle should come next!

Update 2020-04-27

This entry referred to a different site design I used when I first published it. I had to add some stuff (ads) to it in the top right corner so I could enter an Absinthe promo. I don’t remember if I ever got a bottle though.

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