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With all the inconsistency on my blog writing, I forgot to say something about getting older. Not that I find it a mandatory task I must accomplish but… here I go.

It is strange to talk about it like if it – growing old – happened once a year, all of a sudden on a specific day. Although there are those events that can make you mature in a single, breath-taking moment.

But I’m not talking about those. It’s just a common tradition to celebrate and to tag that designated day as the bordering edge of that mark: of one more year. And it makes sense.

Anyway, the date this year comes with a handful of mixed feelings, mostly good, and to remember what I’ve been up to since the last time, adventures, misadventures and craziness alike, makes me sigh, and wonder about future…

So here’s to it: I toast for the coming adventures and the achievements of new and long term projects that will shape my life!

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Alle Häuser sind verschneit
Und in den Fenstern Kerzenlicht
Dort liegen sie zu zweit
Und ich
Ich warte nur auf dich