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10 years ago, I wrote the first post on this Blog. It was a rant about Mexican independence day, and was published exactly on 2006/09/15 @ 11:41 pm. I’m trying to recall where was I at that exact time, can’t tell, but probably at a former job’s office; I used to stay late, usually working on my own projects after hours.

One of these projects was LozBlog: back then installed on lozbo.org. Today, that domain is idle, and as always, I’m planning to fix that soon.

I set a goal for myself to write something on the anniversary, but not sure what to say. Can’t say it feels like too much or too little time. 10 years… It just feels as it is. Perhaps I’m feeling a bit apathetic today?

Definitely much has went on since then, studies abroad, switching cities and jobs a couple of times, meeting lots of people, learning a lot. LozBlog itself has moved a few times from domain to domain, though always powered by WordPress (all my love!). Update! One thing I can say has changed in the meantime: I’m finally using a home-grown (of my own) theme.

I feel like there’s too much left to do and achieve, but it’s not like I have completely stalled; I am very proud of stuff I’ve done, learnt and discovered.

About OP

OP: Original Post. In a forum, it’s usually used to cite the first post on the thread. Here I’m talking about the first post in LozBlog, about Mexican independence.

As I read it, I think about the party I mention, and maybe I just know where I came from when I wrote it. But right now it’s not relevant, what I want to remark is the fact that I still think in the same way. My writing, as it is still today sometimes, was a bit cryptic. Or a lot. So the things I want to express are probably too obscure for readers to fully understand it, not because of their incompetence, but mine (update 2020-04-13! Perhaps its on purpose).

It’s still okay, as I still regard this Blog as a kind of diary, so even if I don’t get a lot of readers, it’s designed to please me. Perhaps when I finally conquer the world and become famous, people will start visiting this site?


What can I say about it? Perhaps, as I said above, it’s just that I feel indifferent, but… even as I still think the same about independence, that I don’t consider myself, nor this country, to be independent, it doesn’t annoy me in the same way I think it did back then. But let’s talk ’bout it…

To state that because of where you were born, you must inherit unconscious traditions, is for me a fallacy. For example, I was born in Mexican soil. What I argue against, is that, based solely on this fact, I must drink tequila, listen to mariachi, be a conservative catholic and wear a sombrero. Maybe some of these thinks I like, maybe not. But I don’t believe that those should be determined because of where you were born, or even raised. I want to discover, set and build my own taste, preferences and traditions (update 2020-04-13 – which is not easy, truth be told).

That is why I don’t feel proud (nor ashamed) of my mexicanity. I am proud of who I am because of what I have achieved, not because of where I was born. I still think that flags, in their deepest sense, divide people.

My country is better and bigger than yours

Why does it have to be a contest, a tournament? It’s fun to participate in games and challenges, but that is they key: they are supposed to be for fun, not to disqualify, invalidate or humiliate others.

That’s my conclusion: I’d like to be free, in its widest meaning. What’s the scope? Stuff for another post. So yeah, happy 10th anniversary.

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