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On my last birthday

Forgot to write something on my past birthday. Actually, I didn’t write anything last month. Actually, it’s already mid December and I haven’t published this post.

Well, I spent my birthday on a biz trip to cdmx. Following weekend, I didn’t plan a party. I didn’t celebrate. No big parties like the days of olde. Well, there was some small gathering at a friends place and it was cool, but, different.

I’m not depressed either, just not considering it –the day, my birthday– that relevant right now. I mean, I do remember with nostalgic joy those times were all my friends were:

  1. around (available)
  2. single
  3. childless (Update! Nothing against that, though! 😀 )
  4. in this country
  5. cool

But as they say:

the times, they are a-changing.

It’s not exactly that I need/needed it (the big, full of people, crazy party), I can do just fine without it.

It’s just… I don’t know. Growing old, it used to be different, more crazy and fun. It’s still crazy, it’s still fun, but in different ways.

I think I wrote this back in October 30, as the date on the draft shows, and now, couple of months later, it feels kinda the same. Even more apathy: this post is less and less relevant (for me, I know you people couldn’t care less about it) as time goes by. (I think that I used to believe that my anniversary implicitly meant that I needed to share some thoughts and introspection on this blog.)

I have been busy at work, lots of issues that need solving. Haven’t had time to write properly, or to worry about other things. Even sadder: haven’t had time to push on other artistic projects (like that damned short film I was making). Well, one thing I haven’t given up is writing short stories. I love that, but my production has been going down a bit also lately.

Hopefully, current holidays will help both: mend my troubled mind and finish (or at least make some progress) on several side projects.

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