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Recently there were two events that I typically consider worth remembering: my birthday, and the birth of this blog. Well nowadays don’t recall when exactly was LozBlog first installed, but I normally use the first post as reference, on the 15th of September, which is one more anniversary by the way: the beginning of the “independence” (strong emphasis on quotes) war of a country. “My” country. Well, more on that later.

I want to document what nic.com “Meta-WHOIS” tells me about the domain, because apparently, not even my hosting/domain provider console shows that info. So here it is: the date when I first paid for the domain which I was using for LozBlog (lozbo.org):

Creation Date: 2006-06-08 T20:42:26Z

8 of June of 2006. Well, that’s more than 15 years, I think I can consider it an accomplishment; to have sustained the Blog for so long. It’s probably the only hobby I have sustained with relative persistence those many years. As I said: worth remembering.

But that kinda defeats the train of thought I was having these past weeks (I’ve been meaning to write this post for… I don’t know when, at least since October the 13th): I wanted to complain about the remembrance, the celebration, the recognition of the anniversaries of things, of people. I wanted to say how hollow, how lacking, how… superficial? It all was, is. But now that I’m writing this piece, I don’t feel at all like that. It’s more like

It’s OK to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays and shit


I think I wanted to rant about my own birthday, against the necessity of remembering it by writing on this piece of shit Blog. I even wrote about it in 2016, at least that was how I was feeling back then. I was nostalgic for the good times. I’m still am, I always am. I perpetually long for the moments when I was happy. I think that’s normal.

Now my train of thought has taken another direction. Meh, I’m not even sure what I’m writing about anymore, will have to sum up some thoughts in a list, hoping it brings clarity:

  • I like celebrating stuff
  • I like writing about it
  • I like ranting about writing about it
  • I like writing on this blog
  • I like writing, period
  • The youth has left me, I’m an old and decrepit mummy
  • Parties used to be crazier back then
  • I’m never satisfied
  • Life could be worse, but it could be better; it’s always like that
  • No nation is independent
  • I am not independent
  • I want to finish developing my new WP Theme (which is the main reason I took up to finish writing this post: to do more testing)

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