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I never liked the idea of Twitter. Even though I did open an account and tried to play a bit with it. But, before getting started with it: allow me to justify myself: I thank Google (the only omniscient deity) for the freedom of speech, and the opportunities we all (online humans) have, and making use of it, even if it’s retweeting every other goofy’s ludicrous insight.

But, beyond the above inspiring intro of glorious freedom, my point is clear: I just don’t find Twitter interesting enough to use, like: I don’t really care all that random updates from everybody. And for every random update, a hundred random retweets. It’s too much of a mess, I still haven’t figured the UI to this day. I don’t understand who’s saying what, in a sea of one-click-repetitions of somebody else’s “original” absurd comment.

Most of the times, I think it’s all just a bunch of quick, in your face, useless nonsense. And it’s too easy to publish, you don’t have to make an elaborated post, a documented article, or at least a half interesting rant on today’s news. In fact, even if you want to, you can’t. You can only publish 140 (I did have to wiki-check that number) characters, and you can do it from your cellphone. You don’t even need a dedicated smartphone’s app, you just text it like any other normal text message. All these publishing advantages are reflected on how easy is to publish trash, or things you’ll later regret stating.

I admit it can be useful sometimes, like when you find out in an instant when people is throwing out grenades or there are shootings on the streets. Well it does happen (I live in almighty México).

Also: I admit that it is a very powerful and crowded social network.

Yet, I could basically describe three groups of people using it: über geeks (every computer nerd has an account), the famous (somehow it became easier for an artist to maintain a Twitter account than a full fledged blog), and the wannabe famous (who never really got into the tech side but pretend to be important (re)twitting out the daily stupidity).

Feel free to disagree.

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