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Google Notebook closed

I’ve been saving this draft since last January. I was planning to say something about it going to be shut down, but it happened. Finally: Google Notebook closed. The page where you used to have a list of your notes now redirects to a FAQ page. I quote:

As of July 2012, Google Notebook has shut down and all Notebook data should now be in Google Docs

I did find very helpful Google Notebook. I still haven’t find a real replacement for it. I’m using gDocs for a lot of things and even for what I used to use gNotebook, but it’s not the same. I tried Evernote, but didn’t really work for me. It was a mess of sync between devices. Plus the free version was limited.

I want a light weight app that allows me to take notes in one device and instantly see the updates everywhere else. Emphasis on lightweight. It’s OK if it doesn’t have super advanced features, or even formatting options. I just want something that open/loads quick and gets me right into it fast: start jotting down notes. A mobile app doesn’t hurt either. But it must be even lighter (hence faster), and have offline support.

I’m using Google Docs as of now, because it’s the best fit for what I want, but I’m still on the search.

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