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I thought I was hacked today. Got a strange error on my homepage (or actually, any sub file/folder) on this domain. I didn’t even got redirected to where I was supposed to in Firefox, which was the browser I was using, so I only saw odd code.

I was really upset, I thought I had taken good care of security. I thought it had to do with the theme, or a plugin, or even a php script I was testing somewhere else on this domain.

Turned out there was a problem with my hosting company. I never had any bigger issue before, and I can’t really say this is a big issue but, it did pissed me a little bit.

The automatic renewal didn’t trigger, for some reason. Even though it is actually set to auto-renew. I guess this has also something to do with the actual domain providers not having any grace period, as my domain was “canceled” only one day after the renewal due date. That sucked.

But anyway, here it is, my beloved and lonely blog once again… breathes!


I am writing this update on 21/08/2014, yet I dumped that domain (think it was lzb.me) a long time ago. Probably one and a half years. And it was mainly because of that: *.me doesn’t allow for automatic renewals on my hosting provider.

I am using lozbo.info instead today.

Update 2020-04-20!

I am no longer using lozbo.info, but lozbo.com.

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