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Old Backups

Uff! Several old backups of old blogs of old times… have just been recovered!

I had a few (MySQL) databases sitting there with broken installations of WordPress (that no longer worked, had the admin section blocked or something similar), waiting to be recovered. Because I couldn’t export them normally with the built in function that, as far as I recall, hasn’t been available for too long by the way.

So I left them there because I was too lazy to try to sort it out and manually restore those databases into fresh WP installs (to export later). I’m not really a programmer so facing MySQL, even through PHPMyAdmin, is a scary business for me.

But today I finally found an easy way to restore them without the hassle I used to go before, when it was a battle against the database, WP users, import errors and such. I don’t have to export the whole database, just the “wp_posts” table. And for it to be errorless, I need to drop all content: remove all entries (I did it from PHPMyAdmin and not the WordPress admin to be safer).

I’ll probably write more about this in another Blog TecnoBato, since I decided that I wouldn’t be posting so much technical stuff here but rather non-geek, non-tech rants.

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