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Hocico on Lost

I have a lot of music I want to hear. When I listen to a band/artist I like, I try to listen to their whole discography. For example, an awesome artist caught my ear, I think it was through the Spotify recommendations list, the song’s called “Victoria” from Lord of the Lost.

Forgive the above mistaken comment. It’s not Abney Park! That tune, Victoria, which I do love, is not from Lord of the Lost, as I originally confused. It’s from a band called “Abney Park”, from Seattle, US. I’ll talk about that band in another post. In my defense, vocal timbres of both singers (Lord of the Lost and Abney Park) are similar, and overall they have some resemblance, music wise.


So I said I was listening to Lord of the Lost (Hamburg, Deutschland), and came across and interesting piece. I don’t remember how I got to Lord of the Lost in the first place, I don’t see any “favorite” song among the ones I have on my list.

Anyway the song is called “Marching into Sunset“, and when the chorus took place, I immediately thought that the guest vocalist was “Marilyn Manson”, so I looked into my iTunes window, and read the whole title: “Marching into Sunset (feat. Erk Aicrag)”.

Mind blown (a lil’ bit, at least).

So first, I was amazed at the fact that I actually know this guy: Erk Aicrag. Well, not really know him, just his work at a project called Hocico, which is Mexican but I think they reside in Germany (I assume Hamburg) since a long time ago. Hocico plays a subgenre I’m not very familiar with, Electro Dark; I don’t dislike it, but it’s not my fave either. I like some stuff, but most is just “plain okay”, for me.

Second, I’m not saying that Erk’s work is an imitation, but if you hear the song chorus, you will understand what I mean. It’s very similar to Manson! And even if he was trying to replicate a style, I wouldn’t find it wrong either. He (Erk) is just doing his thing. From what I know, they’re a big act in their given undergrounds (Hocico, Dulce Líquido, Rabia Sorda, etc.).

Now that I have heard more of Lord of the Lost, while writing this post, I notice it is more electro than I originally thought. That’s not wrong, just saying. But it overall feels now even more close to Manson’s industrial music.

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