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Unforgiven III

How can I blame you, when it’s me I can’t forgive?

I Remember some years ago (perhaps two decades?) I had the intention of writing a poem1 titled “Unforgiven III”, with an obvious reference to the MetallicA’s song series consisting of the Unforgiven (“Metallica”, 1991, aka “Black Album”) and the Unforgiven II (“Reload”, 1997). Back then, when I was a teen, I thought that maybe I could submit the lyrics to MetallicA, and suggest them for that new song.

Damn, I also remember I talked about it to a friend that played guitar and drums, to fully create the song, and I still have those recordings. They’re not even close to a real demo, but hey, we were kiddos.

The lyrics of the song were a pun on “III” which equals “3” as the third installment of the song but also as a “tree”. The only famous tree I could come up back then to make it work was the one which the bible betrayer Judas used to hang himself after giving up his master with a deadly kiss.

How can I be lost? If I got nowhere to go

I was listening today to MetallicA’s Death Magnetic (20082) and saw that, right after the Unforgiven III song (they finally put it out) comes the song “The Judas Kiss”.

When the world has turned its back
When the days have turned pitch black
When the fear abducts your tongue
When the fire’s dead and gone

Just thought it was worth remembrin’ it.

Crazy notes

1 I don’t even remember if I did write anything, can’t find it on my files or backups. Guess not, I think I still have on a hard drive all or at least most of my writings (poetry, fiction, essays, homeworks, etc.). At least everything that I developed on a computer, not taking into account pen/pencil written stuff.

2 One decade old! Can’t believe it, feels like it was yesterday when St. Anger came out. I still feel like those albums, everything after S&M, are kind of “new”. Age is relative. St. Anger is like 17 years old, and I still think of it like the new material. I’m repeating myself, sorry.

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—Sally Jupiter