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I remember some time ago I did a “creative strike“, which meant that I “refused” to write and publish posts on LozBlog. Why? It had to do with my master’s dissertation, which I had to finish and didn’t want anything distracting me. I think I was feeling a bit blue, too.

That resulted in it being the only post in 2009. I only wrote one post back then! In 2017, 2018 and 2019, same thing, just one or two post per year. So far in 2020, only one post (sorry, actually two!), again! Besides this one…

So I’ve been seldom writing on this Blog. There have been a lot of stuff going on that have to do with it, but mainly: lack of discipline (and lot of work).

In my defense, I must say that I have been writing something, in another format. My short stories! I have been attending a writing workshop, Interior Seis, for almost five years, since around September 2015. And since then, I’ve been constantly writing, between 1 and 3 stories per month, sometimes more, sometimes less. I don’t publish them here though, perhaps some day.

One more thing: I have reviewed each and every published entry on LozBlog. All 283 of them. I did so because, at some point I enabled password-protection for some posts, but by default, all posts were automatically categorized as “private”. Well, not automatically, I did it manually, a few years ago, in order for me to remove it or leave it on a one-by-one basis. Which I finally did, and took me several weeks. And while being there, I added comments or updates on posts that deserved so.

I think this also had to do with the little posting on the Blog: there was some unstated creative strike going on too, related to the ideas behind adding password to some posts, and then, not finding the time to review all posts and update accordingly. Hopefully, in 2020 I have overcome that strike!

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—Sally Jupiter