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I found this “about page” on an old Blog installation. There, a test-ground I was using for client-related work, I had a few posts that I hadn’t backed up nor uploaded to the “main” or “current” LozBlog installation, and they were interesting stuff. I don’t know how that happened, but I just imported them all here. Probably need some cleanup. Anyway here it goes. It looks as it was first published the 15th of September, 2006.

Perpetual search.

I am a person continuously trying to find answers to everything. Mostly about me and my future, religion, art, culture and those who surround me.

I don’t want to have a profession, as such, but lots of hobbies: and look forward to enable those hobbies to offer me a sustainable way of life. I like: multimedia development, audio visual production, music, photography, writing, among a lot of other things.

This website is a weBlog where I shed thoughts and adventures, insights and anecdotes, and other random nonsense. Mainly about my personal life.

I was born in México, but I’ve traveled a bit around some countries. I am currently living in Deutschland, studying the last semester of my master. I must admit that this is by far the best trip of my life, even better than the one I did with some friends to South East México and Belize. I can’t say that only good things have happened to me being here, but the experience itself is teaching me so much different things (not only academic). I am glad I have the opportunity to learn this much.

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