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Of old albums and car stereos

The other day I got a new an old truck, which doesn’t have an auxiliary port, nor Bluetooth connectivity. How on earth was I supposed to hear my god damned music? Fortunately Sadly, it has cd playing capabilities. CD you ask? Indeed, my millenial, nay, centenial… nay! Screenager and zoomer population! It used to be the most widespread form of music reproduction, before the age of streaming.

So I dug up my old cd albums, and found one (actually, I have still a few) that hadn’t been opened.

Kings of Metal cd envelope

I don’t remember when I bought it! The label on the back of the envelope reads:

Imported on July 2002, so it can’t be before that, but how long after?

It was Manowar’s “Kings of Metal” (bought on sale for 89 mex bucks), which by the way, I had already listened to even before opening, thanks to the magic of the Internet.

I used to have the intention at some point of building a gallery of albums from the bands I like. Like a wall full of cds, with the whole discographies of every single artist of my liking (the studio albums mainly). It never happened though, at least not in physical form. I collect them in my streaming services (first Spotify, nowadays Apple Music). I will leave that story for another day.

So, in a strange turn of events, the bunch of cds I had laying dormant will finally rise to a new life of airplay, due to the damned car stereo not being able to do aux.

And I look forward to listening to those forgotten albums which are still frozen in their plastic wrapper.

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