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As I’m preparing to release the new theme for LozBlog (Lozbo Com :: Personal Artscape & Playground), I added this new category: Pix.

My intention is to publish photographs and pictures made by me. So as I am conducting tests for the WP template, I needed to populate this new cat with at least one post.

And down the memory lane I went, searching for something “LozBlog worthy”, and found this pictures of a character I made for a contest long ago (which I obviously lost).

It was called “Dr. Blast”, as the contest was meant to find the new mascot of a heavy metal record publisher (Nuclear Blast). I was so angry I lost that I emailed the guys and told them that I was still going to use the character for a Youtube show. Only back then (February 2003, according to the files’ meta data), Youtube didn’t exist; it was founded in 2005. Anyhow I had the idea of animating the character and creating a whole bunch of stuff around it: a website, a blog, he was going to answer questions from the fans and shit.

Only it never happened.

The guy from the company told me “hey, why don’t you use another name, like ‘dr. metal’ or something?”, but as I said, I was mad and didn’t want to settle.

I still have the animation prototypes I made in Macromedia Adobe Flash back then, maybe I’ll feature them in LozBlog down the road.

Here’s a pic of the winner of the contest, though they seem to have stopped using it.

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