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Dream of Tsunami

Notes of this dream:

  • Stranded on top of building
  • In the beach
  • Flood or Tsunami, the water kept going up, me and a friend or guy [what?]
  • Brother’s flat [it said “depas”] down and water reached him
  • Didn’t hear back from him
  • Looking for taller structures

I don’t really remember this dream. It’s dated december 24, 2018, it’s been a while.

What I’d like to note about it is that I kinda remember having several of these type of dreams, I mean, where floods happen and I need to escape immediate danger through climbing up wherever possible – all within the city, if my memory serves me well.

But then, what will happen after the mayhem? When immediate danger is overcome and food starts to run out, will a military chopper come down to our rescue?

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