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I once registered my first domain: lozbo.org (circa 2006-05-10, I think). I planned to pour down all, or at least most of my works of expression; photographs, graphic design, web sites, poems, stories, ideas, thoughts, etc. Some kind of portfolio/playground. The tagline was once “personal artscape playground”, I changed to “showcase & playground”, which is actually more or less the same, maybe in the sake of brevity?

Today, I’m still trying to finish it.

Back then, in the same order of thoughts, I wanted to have different subdomains to address the different aspects of my showcase, for example:

  • blog.lozbo.org (blog, obviously; a brain storm of introspection, mirages and delirium)
  • photo.lozbo.org (photography log, at some point planned to have it in some other, independent domains, first inkofdreams, then artandnation)
  • academic.lozbo.org (tech blog with non-personal /formal/serious content, like what I publish now on TecnoBato.com)

And other similar, I don’t recall them anymore. There was also the matter of the content of the root domain: lozbo.org, which was supposed to be a hub and a funnel to those subdomains. Or what was it?

I now remember a friend who asked me why would I have lozbo.org and blog.lozbo.org. It was obviously to him redundant, as he thought that the main (root) domain should host, evidently, my blog.

Then I started registering other domains, for holding these contents in an independent way (it was also because I wanted to own these domains, as part of my personal brand, so it wouldn’t fall in the wrong hands):

  • lozbo.net – web design/development tutorials
  • lozbo.info – lozblog
  • lozbo.org – cv/portfolio
  • lozbo.com – the hub

As years went by, the only really “stable” content I was building upon was this blog (Lozblog), even through the domain changes. I once registered a lzb.me domain for it, Lozblog, but left it eventually due to high prices and host not auto-renewing it out of some tech bullshit. There’s still an item on my bucket list to own a country TLD that would summarize the whole personal-brand idea nicely, I leave it for you to guess 😉

Why am I in this demented crusade for the appropriate home for each of my online antics? Dunno. It’s just that, I’m always believing that the current home is the best.

What’s the best? How to define it? Tricky to answer. I have made changes that have to do with the database naming convention, something a normal reader would never even know nor care about. Maybe a hacker. Anyway, the “best” fluctuates with time, that’s the point.

Right now, having concluded that I will never make time to propperly populate these other domains with the planned content, I have let them go. I’m planning on focusing in one: lozbo.com for both blog and porfolio.

Lies! I actually have several others, and I’m keeping the lozbo.org too, for the good ole times. For the . But I’m not using it anymore, nor the info or net tld’s.

But who can really tell what will the perfect domain home will be next for Lozblog?

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