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Recycling plastic

I dreamed I was some kind of animal from a zoo. Can’t recall which, a hippo? A bird? Guess it’s not that important. 

At one point, I think I ceased to be a character in the story and instead it was, like other times, a spectator of the story, like a movie.

Instead of a zoo, or maybe, this particular zoo, or section of the zoo, was covered in water. Didn’t matter that the animals weren’t aquatic (as there were several of us), there we were. So in the center of that section, there were some nets for collecting different kinds of plastic, can’t recall the exact classification, I think one of it was “small spoons”. I know, normal classification would be based on the type of actual plastic but that was what it was in the dream.

At one point, I think when I was still part of the cast, I decided to proceed with the trash and take it to were it belong (an actual recycling plant). We had basically two choices, we could send it to a machine that was right there, but that machine didn’t actually processed them, I think, it just made them “ready” for whoever was to collect it, or… we could take it outside ourselves to find someone to buy it from us. Or maybe we didn’t have to do anything? I think that wasn’t actually our job.

Truth is the whole recycling plastic thing was about the environment and not really for a profit, but since it was a lot, we (or I) thought we might as well capitalize on it. 

So then I was, packing everything up in these huge bags, and then reuniting my friends and telling them about it. They told me to throw it everything to the local machines, why bother in finding a buyer, but as they saw the bags, they all agreed it was worth a shot, as we might, for one, empty the containers and make some buck while at it.

The first step was to convince our “boss” (or a similar figure, but it’s worth clarifying that it felt more like a boss than a zoo’s keeper or guard). Said task wasn’t that hard and we moved through the water area into a river that connected it to “the dreaded outskirts” or something.

Then I can’t remember much more, we were taking all the bags through the river, with the noble mission of selling some plastic to a willing entity or dude. I kinda have these flashbacks of small incidents with the bags, logistic issues or such but can’t remember what exactly.

It now kinda feels like we hadn’t met a more serious threat at that point, like, in the movie analogy, we were waiting for an “act 2 villain” or a major inconvenience, but guess I woke before that.

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