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2022-05-07, Saturday

Started walking with L, and for 17 min, we kept the pace slow (and since we were talking, there was no music either). I barely finished my 8k step goal almost at midnight; I really need to make some early walks, so it adds up before the jog. After she left, I picked up my pace again.

Songs after L left, from my “3C: Circus, Cabaret & Country” list:

  1. Harley Poe – Maria
  2. Harley Poe – I am the living dead
  3. Martine Kraft – Raja
  4. The Tiger Lillies – Kaiser’s song
  5. Harley Poe – Corrupting my better half
  6. The Tiger Lillies – Hell
  7. The Tiger Lillies – Down and out
  8. Harley Poe – Don’t go into the woods

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