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BoY: stress, lots of stress. Eager to switch biz. Stood my ground, sleepless nights, OC virus, the real man-virus. Gov site visit. Of fear and deceit; swaying away souls. Biz prop, reluctantly agreed. CANSINO dosed. 3C: Canine capital catapult; first crystal proceeds.

Old world blood. Here there be talks 21 (TL; IT).

Around that time there was that casualty. Prob related. More weight upon one’s chest…

Resignation for operation in desperation for a solution of the complication left not just for contemplation but to take actions that would trigger disruption upon the enclosure of the notion of one’s personal nation.

Ivory star utters gradually more proper lexicon. I acknowledge, it is as it most certainly should be for a healthy constituent of the race. Yet aversion, hesitation, take hold of me, as I cherish the beautifully malformed thesaurus she still articulates on her own or on my seldom requests. Seasonal tree family set; it brought back nostalgic recollections of when the winter had a more powerful impact of mindset within, it was all awe and wonder (not sure why: the expectation for presents?, the Santa on the Coke truck throwing away candy?, the parties and extended-family time?).

USD went up; US and Europe closed borders to Africa due to new mutation, crypto went down. Ivory learnt, by watching, how to manipulate the rodent peripheral, at least relocating the cursor throughout screens. Been watching me do so for some time and tried once or twice before, but it did astonished me. 11.26 : thought (once more) nuff, don’t know how many times have been, and was again contemplating the possible grim future with the “always looming old nemesis entity” companion, but alas, the waves were lulled and serenity reclaimed.

12bis; that dreamBeaching too. Partner deal; the act of “gigioing” over fragrance. Double S alert; what will overcome?

Fin (minus tech) good, I think: EoY 1.3, but still feel like missing on tons.

Series: I watched the ending of Netflix’s remake of “Lost in Space”, I also watched seasons 1 and 2 from “Final Space”, and the “Witcher” season 1. On Prime, there was season 1 of “Undone”, all episodes of single season of “Nine perfect strangers”, all available seasons (which were 1-5) from “The expanse”, which may become my scifi fave story, maybe overall story. The only thing that prevents me from calling it “all time fave” is that, I need time to consider it. Other “classics” like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, have the advantage of time; as it goes by, it keeps feeling larger, that’s what make ’em classic, the passage of time.

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Every day, the future looks a little bit darker. But the past, even the grimy parts of it, keep on getting brighter

—Sally Jupiter