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BOY: got the booster thing, and got really deep. I mean down, fever, shivers, the whole hamburguesa. Hash tag pandemonium..

One thousand h, 18.Insomnia. Probably just now, after months of consideration, perhaps years of conceptualization, I may have made my mind about it: the dreaded decision, for the quitter of J’s, the thrower of T’s, is pushing to break free, striving to overcome, to score a new banner and title, to pursue those dreams. Back then, I felt a bit free, though not completely ’cause I fear cease and desist, not being able to sustain it. But maybe it’s been like that the whole time? Of tasks, chores and towels.

Then, one weekend, I took the shot (the “J goner biz”). Chose for final installment the holiday of that purported cherub. One day after notification, it kinda reversed, whaddayanaw. It was like the universe was conspiring for it to happen (Coelho style), even though tried as I might, I couldn’t achieved back then, when I was in a desperate quest for it last BOY.

On other news: war started. One more, there were already several going on, as always.

Series that I found relevant: “Centaur world”, its concept astonished the hell outta me. Season 3 of “Final Space”. “Invasion” on Apple TV, season 1. Final season of “Casttlevania”, probably going into fave series too. “Tell me a story” on prime, season 1. “We crashed” on Apple+ TV or whatever is called; very interesting story. “Arkane”, surprisingly, decisively awesome. Decided to stop watching after chapter 3 or 4, ’cause I don’t want it to end, nor do I want to enjoy it without proper home theater. “Gravity Falls”, I had already seen it but started re-watching with IT.

Half way children’s month I began leveling up the intensity of the “staying fit activities”, which up until now were just walking. [EOY update: in the h/belt move I desisted.]

5-4: probably broken R (+RB). Probably had a chance to fix it towards 5-6, but ignored the “opportunity”. Tis wasn’t just yours truly, but no speech was uttered from across, neither way, so it’s on whom? Maybe it’s final this time? Maybe it was about time? Had it long coming. (?) Not completely sure right now.

On June I discovered the Meta Quest. I’ve actually known these headset devices for quite sometime, but I disregarded them for being too new, too expensive, with too little apps and games. But I recently had the chance to try one out and began doing some research about apps and capabilities, and discovered one that blew my mind: “Immersed” for productivity. It basically connects to your actual PC or Mac (the Quest itself doesn’t need computer to function), and you get virtual displays with your own apps (or games). I also saw some videos of people recording (with virtual cameras) their own avatar, instead of what they actual see on their set. I just can’t keep my enthusiasm with the possibilities, so I’m getting one.

Juls: finally started switching to orion’s belt, after almost a year waiting. Spacing chosen is the largest I’ve set stuff in, feelin’ woot.

Another milestone: 12 on the eight received my first mined eth, outta rig whose pieces I bought almost four months ago, but only recently (8.3 started and 8.4 finished) put it together. So it’s been mining only for a week and a day. Sadly, the merge is comin’, so no more ether will be mined.

9-4: installed super entertainment system on old set, for the first experience on the piping brothers virtual world.

Year’s end approaches. Lots of stuff happened towards autumn. H move, though even today, halfway through 11, haven’t really finished. Dropped all walking & fitness things. Been writing new stuff, since a call in i6, probably set up by A. Even though we have access to lots of streaming services, we hardly ever watch any, maybe we haven’t picked up a routine in the new house? A friend last month told me about a fantastic writer I’ve never heard of, and was fascinated by her. Only read her last sunday though, while on the bus back from capital city, and am completely hooked. 

World news: humanity hits 8B count. Missiles from Russia hit Poland. Has the WW3 started? A few days later, seems like inaccurate news, but the war is still going in Ukraine.

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